The funding for the initial research program was provided by Save the Tiger Fund and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.
Funding for the Tiger Response Team for 2006-7 was provided by the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund.
The USFWS have been a tremendous help to the project and recently awarded a grant to continue with activities such as: training forest department staff, tiger and prey monitoring to ensure that levels can be monitored to warn management of any sudden drops that require their attention, the development of a local and national awareness and education programme.
Logistical support, facilities, equipment and human resources are provided by the Forest Department of Bangladesh.

The project needs much more funding if it is going to make a real difference to tiger conservation.

Of particular urgency is funding for the Problem Tiger Response Team for January 2009. This boat-based team act as an ambulance in the forest to help tiger attack victims with emergency first aid and transport to nearest medical help.

Please get in touch with Christina Greenwood on [email protected] to find out which or our other iniatives require support, and with any ither queries and or suggestions relating to funding.

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