Our Vision

To ensure the long-term conservation of the Sundarbans tiger population the Sundarbans Tiger Project aims to …

  • Make the Forest Department a leader in tiger conservation in the region through scientifically sound research and extensive capacity building: management strategies based on ecological information, and Forest Department staff capable of researching, and monitoring tigers will mean a safer tiger population.
  • Create an infrastructure for managing problem tigers: this will hopefully decrease unnecessary human suffering and strengthen relations between the Forest Department and the local communities using the Sundarbans.
  • Increase conservation awareness throughout Bangladesh: an informed public will be better able to support tiger conservation and the ecology of the Sundarbans will be further imbedded into the heart of Bangladeshi culture.



Project philosophy

It is of global importance that we save the Sundarbans and its tigers. As such, the project encourages the assistance of anyone with the skills, time or resources to further tiger conservation in the region. Already many people in Bangladesh and beyond have gone out of their way to help the project, which has become stronger because of it. The project aims to be transparent in its activities, adaptive in its strategies and open to all interested parties. This does not have to be “someone else’s” project, this can be your project. The only limitations to how you can help is your own imagination.

The more minds, the better.